About Surfwater

Attention surfers, skaters, sport fans, beach and ocean lovers:

We are all under the extreme heat, blazing sun frequently and need perfect hydration!

That’s why we came up with our crisp Surfwater, available in both sparkling and still editions! 


Our good ol’ H20 is a healthy option, filled with electrolytes, and a perfectly balanced pH – an excellent combination for rehydration after shreddin’ the gnar or working out and breaking a sweat. 


The best part about Surfwater is its eco-friendly initiative. Served in a zero plastic aluminum water bottle, our product is infinitely recyclable as we refuse to contribute to the single-use plastic issue prevalent all around the world. 


Finished with your Surfwater?  No problem. Thanks to our screw cap, reuse your Surfwater aluminum bottle up to 50 times or hang on to it knowing you did your part in keeping our beaches and oceans free of plastic. 


Based out of San Diego, our Surfwater embodies all things California offers, from dazzling sunsets, classic cars, immaculate weather and fun waves.

Enjoy the great vibes our brand offers while tasting the pure, fresh and healthy taste of Surfwater, your Active Lifestyle Water.



 The Bottle

Plastic bottled water is a big problem, but the industry keeps growing despite the wide availability of sustainable alternatives.        

We wanted to come up with a more pragmatic at the same time convenient lifestyle solution, so we set out to start a bottled water company that was different.


Surfwater launched 2020 and we are here to make an impact!

Available in only 16oz BPA-free Aluminum Bottles, Surfwater is keeping harmful plastics out of the ocean! 

Each of our Aluminum Water Bottles can be recycled in just 60 days – much faster than glass, paper and plastic.


Water also cools much quicker inside Aluminum, so every time you open a bottle it’s always a perfect sip of chilled premium hydration. 


On top of all the above, Surfwater bottles are infinite recyclable and you can re-use them many times..  YES, same as your jeans :)


Drink water. Stay fit. Keep healthy. 



Improves Focus


Relieves Fatigue



Promotes Weight Loss

Water reduces your appetite and cleanses the body system.  

Raises your metabolism and has ZERO calories!


Better Health

Feeling low? Drink plenty of water to fight against the flu and colds.

Drinking water promotes body waste and toxin removal. Water more. Live longer.

Improves Skin Complexion

Want a natural moisturizer for your skin? Drink water! Always supports smooth, glowing skin and less wrinkles. 

One of the best anti-aging treatments around!

Good Vibes

Water up! Helps the body function at its peak. Feel great and be happy!


Mountain high...ocean waves...chillin' all day. 


Surfwater your way!